Gas ( LNG & CNG )



Compressed natural gas (CNG) transportation is used in very small systems in environmentally sensitive areas. Trucks, ships, or barges transport the gas
from a remote well to a pipeline or from a pipeline to a customer location. Sometimes the gas is transported to remote filling stations for CNG-fueled
vehicles. Large-scale transportation of CNG is not yet commercialized but is considered economically feasible and is being pursued
actively by several companies.

HPM has been designing and manufacturing wide collection of Stainless Steel Products for the Gas & CNG Sector, some examples are below: 


  • LNG – CNG Tanks
  • Odorizing Gas Tanks
  • Manifolds ( O2 and N ), Pallets
  • Evaporators
  • Trailers ( CNC )
  • Crygenic Tanks
  • LNG Transportation Tanks
  • Pressure Relief Systems
  • Waste Carts
  • Maschine Safety Fences
  • Trolleys
  • Other equipments.
  • Various Hygene Systems